Monday, February 21, 2005

Off the top of my head...

There is a certain strain of English girl -beautiful, lithe and terribly untidy.

If you ever find yourself stroking the hair of a beautiful girl as she sleeps in your lap, remember it for when you are an old man.

It's inadvisable to play 3 way table tennis whilst wearing thermal underwear in wintery Japan.

Don't think, feel.

Never pick a fight with a moustachioued Chinese man in pyjamas who laughs at inopportune moments.

Never play Anime at tetris.

Cycling through a Japanese city at 5am whilst listening to motown is something to try.

If you need to find something, don't look in the first two places you think of.

A five minute nap can easily become 5 hours.

Coffee and speaking in tangents go so well together.

For a Japanese girl on her first trip to England, fish and chips can be acceptable Valentine's dinner fare.

Never travel on the London Underground with luggage.

Drinking your complimentary drink without the armrest table in position is unacceptable to Japanese air hostesses.

Beware pretty girls who always look like they have lost an apple.


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