Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On Monday, I went to Tenjin on the train, via Mr Donut and the station chairs... I was positively gangster tripping on jet lag, sleep deprivation and sugary-custard, and found myself with a heightened sense of awareness and contemplation. What follows is the rambling poemail i sent to my good friend Diamond from my trusty mobile phone...

bread-thick jetlag.. sensory perception
through the stratosphere.. emotional awareness
bubbling like jimmysoup.. microscopic snow
falling, so small it hangs like innocent dust..
office ladies with ten-thousand-colour hair
and archdeacon shoes.. the swirling fantasy
of cream as it meets coffee.. the fat girl's silent
death as the fashion magazine schoolgirls select
the most colourful donuts.. the salaryman, unaware
that his tie hangs in his closet.. in this light
(wall-reflected grapefruit squash)
my cords are a ghastly shepherd's pie, the last
hurrah of a wasting nan, her hands the first to go..
on a train as the snow swirls, becoming rain and then
snow again.. girls with too-soon grey hairs beside
wrong-decade wares, between lowrollers and
imitatiistas, before paper-safers and the
bandana-skirt-boots.. this strange little scene
being played out as if i had written it myself.


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