Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The two sides of living where I do...

Convenience and price - these are the two best things about my apartment. I am less than 5 minutes walk from the train station, my workplace, the barbers, the convenience store, a cashpoint, a fruit shop, a dry cleaners, a restaurant. My apartment is superb value, considering its location, and bills are low. However, it is TINY.


One room. Two small cupboards near the ceiling. That's all the storage space I get, spare the shoe rack, a small cupboard above the shoe rack and the closet where the breakers are. I love my little apartment dearly, but at times I feel like I am sleeping in someone's kitchen, the fridge purring behind my head.

It is at the stage now where I have to move things in order to do things. I have resolved to move to a bigger apartment in the not too distant future. One with a tatami room, another room or two, a large bathroom, those sliding wall cupboards, somewhere to put a bookshelf.

There was a young man that lived in a shoebox... he had so much stuff that he didn't know what to do...


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