Monday, March 07, 2005

What did I do today?

- Woke up feeling warm for the first time this year.
- Found my bike key.
- Had a rudimentary conversation in Japanese with my landlady.
- Saw a man with a golf ball sized growth on the middle joint of one of his fingers.
- Bought some tools and a box to put them in.
- Wrote a song.
- Bowled 20 games of bowling, and played badly.
- Had a curry, but was given the mildest version as opposed to my usual hottest.
- Paid a friend the money I owed him.
- Went grocery shopping at 10pm.
- Had a piping hot bath.
- Browsed a property brochure.
- Watched Blackadder.
- Tried to solve my rubik's triangle ("pyraminx").


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