Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Patchwork day

Well, today has been in pieces, pretty disparate, but I've tried to put them together and I think I have something to show for it. Went to Mr Donut this morning and practiced my kanji (drawing stares from the old ladies as i traced the strokes on my palm with my finger)... then went to Tenjin and mooched about for a few hours... had a strum on a 750,000 yen acoustic guitar (which sounded as you would expect for that money), saw some awful crimes against fashion and good taste (dayglo yellow high heels, ripped bleached denim and thick grandma tights, and that was just one girl...)... bought a nails "egg puzzle" in the hundred yen store... can't get my head around that just yet... printed off one of my cell phone photos at the station photo store... cleaned my apartment and did lots of washing... and now, off to eat the hottest curry in kurume... oh, and I have a tape of wonderful music but no tape player...


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