Friday, June 03, 2005

Things that happened on a school trip to Arao...

1. On the way to the station, a salaryman arrogantly pushed his way to the front of the crowd waiting to navigate the pedestrian crossing. He then hawked loudly and spat. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for me and the others who didn't appreciate his rudeness, he missed the pavement and gobbed all down his trousers. To make things funnier, he was so embarrassed that he simply pretended that it didn't happen, and strutted off.

2. At this mornings hotel breakfast, it was sadly usual to see a restaurant full of people choosing exactly the same meal from the very expansive buffet. With the exception of me and a very young kid, everyone else had a cup of cha, some rice, some natto, some miso soup and some suki-mono.

3. Waiting to go on the very large Ferris Wheel today, there were two old ladies in front of us. Yeah, they had the hats, yeah they were pointing and grumbling. When the attendant motioned them to get in a cart, they did some more pointing and faffed about as if they were standing next to a bomb. The ferris wheel moves at about 2cm a second, yet the ladies made such a drama about boarding it that the attendant had to stop the ferris wheel for a full minute to let them on!


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