Sunday, July 31, 2005

Alternative Heroes - Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore... far more popular than both Michael Winner and Russell Grant put together, there isn't really anything that alternative about Moore, other than the fact that he wears a monocle and is host of the longest running show on TV.

Patrick Moore was there for me when I couldn't drop off to sleep during highschool, all the way through University and beyond. The Sky at Night is certainly the only program left on TV that remains basically unchanged from it's 50s origins. It's calming, intellectual and has Mr Moore talking about the stars... what more could you want?

On the morning of my graduation from University, I saw Patrick Moore in a restaurant in Bolton. He was well over 6 feet and had ridiculously large feet. I considered going up to say hello, but he seemed to be enjoying his breakfast mightily, so I let the moment remain. On the long drive home I suddenly remembered that he was The Gamesmaster, from the 90s video game TV show of the same name and one of my ultimate heroes, and wished that I had said something.

For being the biggest old man I have ever seen, for proudly wearing a monocle, for doing that xylophone comedy sketch, and for Ronnie Barker's inspired impersonation of you, and most importantly for being there for all of us video gamers in the years before the internet, Patrick Moore you are an alternative hero.


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