Thursday, July 28, 2005

Baseball final

Today is an important day for my high school, as they are in the final of the Fukuoka prefecture tournament. If they win today, as they are expected to do, they will go to the national championships which start in August. Whilsï½” most of the teachers and students are going to the game, myself and a handful of others will be watching the game on TV. I must admit that, despite the fact that baseball isn't at the top of my sports list, I feel immense pride when I see my students hitting home runs and striking out batters on national TV. Every day we hear them practicing outside our window, and they really are the quill. They haven't had a run scored against them yet, and it's the general consensus that the 2005 team is the best for some time.

Yanagawa Koko ganbatte kudasai!


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