Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bowling frustration

Due to a summer promotion, I went to the bowling alley early yesterday and had a cheap 10 games ahead of the usual 4 with the guys tonight. It went well, I was making spares, had some decent strikes, and got a 214 in one of the games. However, later on when the alley was full and I was playing with a group, it was hopeless. Shots were missed, spares were haphazard and I was only in the pocket a few times.

It seems that I am not a social bowler. If it's me and my ball and the lane, there's no problems. It just doesn't work in a group of 6. Is it because of the lanes? Is it concentration? Yeah, but it's also the waiting time. 5 minutes between shots negates any kind of rhythm and flow. I love being with my friends socially, but when combined with bowling it's just not enjoyable any more.

Thus, I've resolved to stay off social bowling for the foreseeable future. Why spend money and time on something that isn't fun?


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