Monday, July 04, 2005

Ken's on the spot film review...

- Star Wars III ROTS: A turd. Utterly disappointing. Terrible dialogue, rushed, amateurly put-together sequencing and in essence just a collection of bolted together, poorly executed set-pieces. Riddled with scenes that contradict the events of Episodes IV-VI, a further absurdity is that we are to believe that in 20 years Ewan McGregor will age sufficiently to become Alec Guinness. As if all this wasn't bad enough, the transformation of Anakin into Darth Vader, which should have been the most iconic and important moment in the entire series, was reduced to farce, with the stumbling, Frankenstein's monster Vader parodying every "nooooooooo!" scream in the last half century. Shame on everyone for grabbing the easy money. 2/10

- Coffy: Pretty stylish blaxploitation fare with Pam Grier providing the template that Beyonce Knowles would aspire to 30 years later. Standard revenge plot, but some snappy dialogue and funky-smooth soundtrack make it worth a watch. Some of the acting isn't hot, a good example being the unconvincing beating of good cop Carter. Grier plays her part well, and displays the required twin elements of looks and brains (such as when she pre-empts a catfight hair-pull by placing razor blades in her 'fro). One of the better blaxploitation films, and oozes sass and groove. 7.5/10

- The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse: A good accompaniment to the TV series, although the film is sometimes noticeably lacking in momentum. The characters are as good as ever, and the writers' darkly intelligent humour punctuates the scenes with the sharpness and precision of a surgeon's blade. The premise of the film - the characters coming alive and confronting the writers to petition a new series - is on paper very difficult to achieve credibly, but Dyson, Gattis, Pemberton and Shearsmith manage to pull it off without disappearing up their own arses in self-congratulation.
To many of my generation, myself included, The League are our Monty Python, and whilst this film doesn't quite reach the heights of the first two TV series, or the summit of the Xmas Special, it does nothing to cast doubt on that claim. 7.5/10


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