Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My choice for the best 15 minutes in film history...

Thirty five ish minutes into the 1969 British film Kes, the viewer is treated to a 15 minute virtuoso performance by the highly underrated and talented Yorkshire born actor, Brian Glover. He plays Mr Sugden, a frustrated games teacher, who lives out his football playing dreams at the expense of his embittered students. For anyone that went to high school in England, Glover's portrayal of a boastful, scary, bullying, often psychotic games master will no doubt strike a chord. My games teacher in high school had all of Glover's boasting ("were you a good footballer, sir?" "Oh, I was brilliant... pace, strength, suppleness, I had it all.") but thankfully non of his propensity for violence. Some of the more memorable scenes are as follows:

- Brian Glover says to the boys that he will give them "a sample of my footballing skills... a rare delight."

- Through on goal, Glover takes a dive that would honour Jurgen Klinsmann and wins a very dubious penalty. He fluffs it and pretends that the keeper moved, so he takes it again and scores, much to the students' chagrin.

- As the film's main star, Billy Casper, tries to leave without taking a shower, Glover asks him whether he has had one, and when he says that he has, smacks him around the head and stares at him with a hang-pig expression.

With such a performance, an oscar for best supporting actor wouldn't have been unmerited. Glover plays the part beautifully - and unneringly accurately, as I can attest, being surrounded by mildly psychotic Japanese games teachers every day - and it's hard to believe that Mr Sugden isn't a real person.


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