Thursday, July 28, 2005

Natalie Imbruglia's mouth - a celebration

There are some things in this world that are just perfect. The Brazilian football team of 1970. Grandma's sandwiches. Paul McCartney's bassline in Dear Prudence. And Natalie Imbruglia's mouth.

It is perfection. But why?

Aside from conjuring up all manner of scandalous thoughts, her mouth is geometrically perfect for her face. Were her mouth a fraction smaller or bigger, it would look out of place.

I can't really describe the next thing... just have a look at the photo above and notice her mouth at the sides of her bottom lip... you see the way her mouth pouts? Also perfect.

My late teenage years were spent dreaming of the day I would kiss and be kissed by that mouth, and although it's not likely to ever happen I still sometimes absently imagine what it would be like.

Something inside me will always have a soft spot for the perfection that is Natalie Imbruglia's mouth.


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