Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Alternative Heroes - Jamie Hyneman

As an experienced engineer for both small and big screen productions, Jamie Hyneman is best known outside the industry for being one half of the Mythbusters, two engineering colleagues who take urban myths and put them to the test.

Hyneman is refreshingly eccentric and unique in a world where conformity seems to be the norm. His appearance provides plenty of opportunity for ridicule, and his plodding diction is often parodied on set, generally by Adam.
However, whereas Adam is often a little boorish and, if truth be told, a bit of a camera whore, it's Jamie's deadpan observations and occasional bursts of derringdo that form the basis for the show's humour. Adam may work faster and with more flair, but Jamie's creations are technically superior, more elegant and he doesn't make as many mistakes.

With alarming physical strength, an insistence on cleanliness and the unconformist black beret-white shirt-twitchy moustache combination, Hyneman comes across as a mixture of turn-of-the-century circus strongman, Victorian martinet and Bavarian Scientist. Whilst being the show's safety officer and usually a stickler for the rule book, Hyneman isn't averse to bending the rules every now and then, such as when he (apparently accidentally) sent a full size remote controlled car crashing through a chainlink fence (with Adam sitting in the backseat). For this and everything else above, Jamie Hyneman you are an Alternative Hero.


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