Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A simple pleasure

Simple pleasures are what make life liveable... I aim to make a grand list of all my simple pleasures in a future post, but for now I want to talk about just one... that is, being a little drunk and going into a Japanese convenience store and buying random shit.

This evening, I played 17 games of bowling, won a red tshirt and came back hot, tired and wet. I needed a beer, so I walked a few metres to my local store and grabbed the following:

- spicy weiners
- spicy instant ramen (like a deluxe giant pot noodle with proper ingredients)
- some beer
- a cold dog

i was served by the nervous young lad that I would probably be interested in, were I a girl. I was wearing my newly won red tshirt, which smells like chemicals and says random japanese things.

I'm now watching Dick Weber's Guide to Being a Better Bowler... this is a simple pleasure...


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