Saturday, September 24, 2005

When in Japan...

Amidst the planning of wedding details, there has arisen the small matter of the photos.. my fiance's mum wants us to enlist the services of a photo shop, to have professionally taken shots. The trouble is, they will only take 3 photos, and will charge 15000yen (75 pounds) for each one. Call me old fashioned but 225 quid for 3 photos is ridiculous. I told my fiance and her mother in no uncertain terms that i would not be paying, and offered a perfectly sound alternative - enlisting the services of one of my students who would, for a small fee, be the photographer for a day, but this idea was laughed off (for now). Considering the calibre of digital photography in Japan, we could easily simulate the shop photos and save a great deal of money in the process. But this is Japan, where impressions have to be made and the right thing has to be seen to be done. And despite being continually urged to save money, my every attempt to do so with the wedding
falls on deaf ears... what a place!


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