Friday, September 30, 2005

Work Niggle...

The past week has been one of the best of my short time so far at the high school... the classes have gone well, even the usual terrible ones, and things have been quite relaxed. But, one of the teachers is starting to annoy me.

It's nothing major, it's just that I think that perhaps she is not as sweet and good natured as she pretends to be. The first inkling I got of this was when one of my students came to the teacher room to talk to me. He's a bit slow and if truth be told a little crazy, but there was no need for the barely concealed death stare that the teacher in question gave him.

Then there's the small matter of her computer mouse, or rather the tracking wheel, which sounds like someone dragging a pencil along a washboard, a sound that seems to occur far more often than it should.

There's also the fact that she doesn't attend the morning meeting, for some reason, and only teaches 15 lessons a week, compared to everyone else on 17 and 18. If her model lesson was anything to go by, she's not even a good teacher.

Perhaps it's just Friday and I'm aching for the weekend to begin... maybe.


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