Monday, October 10, 2005

Japan has some of the worst drivers around...

By God, they are annoying... they pull out into busy traffic as slowly and annoyingly as possible, they jam on the brakes at the slightest movement of other cars, they panic and flap about when a pedestrian gets anywhere near their car, they own completely impractical Land Rover things that are far too big and cumbersome for Japanese roads, and if there happens to be a bottleneck, they sit there and stare open mouthed at eachother, instead of backing up or honking their horns.

They are of course the Japanese drivers.

I hate them for the reasons above, as well as for the way that they all, spinelessly, reverse into a parking space. You'd think that one or two would go front end in first, but no. Also for the way that they seem incapable of looking over their shoulders at their blind spot, preferring instead to rely on their mirrors when reversing like a 5am forklift in rush hour traffic.

The fact that most cars in Japan are automatics, and thus require far less skill and driving ability to operate also speaks volumes...


Anonymous Phil said...

What - worse than Bolton drivers?

5:59 am


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