Saturday, October 08, 2005

The last few days...

Thursday - felt incredibly sorry for the nervous schoolgirl walking up the station steps in front of me when she shyly looked around and saw a tall foreigner behind her, and then tripped and fell flat on her face, her purse skittering to the wall (when I asked her if she was ok, she smiled and made a joke - extra kudos for that. Mr T would have been proud to see that little sister recoup!)

Friday - went bowling with Sausage Fingers (use your imagination...) and was talked into entering the 8.30pm tournament. I ended up playing a 4 game 3-way with a middle aged couple. First game I won with a 194, I came third in the next, second in the third and third in the fourth. Pretty haphazard play, but a good experience.

Also settled down to watch The Great Escape - a film that, despite apparently being on every Christmas in the UK, I have never seen. I got halfway before the tiredness took me, so I'm going to watch the rest now.


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