Thursday, October 20, 2005


I was musing this afternoon in my sun-warmed office about Conan the Barbarian. Not about Ahnuld or his swordplay with two roadies from an Iron Maiden gig, but about James Earl Jones' sinister character, Thulsar Doom, and more specifically the fact that he had a snake cult, and thereby a mass of devoted, brainwashed tween-agers.

With at least one or two girls in each of my classes that would unquestioningly eat hot gravel out of the palm of my hand if i asked them, i realised that i had the makings of a 12 to 20 member cult, and with careful recruitment could gather another 20 or so. Naturally, I have no desire to do such a thing, but it certainly fills the empty bureaucratic hours to consider just what they would do in the name of my bidding...


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