Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just another Wednesday in Japan...

It began rather well, waking up at 6am after an unprecedented - for me at least - 8 and a half hours sleep. I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and experienced that awful situation of being really pressed for time, but having a hot drink to put away. Then, whilst walking to the station carrying my latest reading matter, and anticipating a glorious 15 minutes of uninterrupted reading, one of the teachers from school pulled over in his car and said he'd give me a lift. Cue some small talk, the chewing of gum, some very grammatical but slightly flawed communication and a quick doze in what was a very warm, smooth car. In my class from hell, the normally blase girls were quite interactive and asked me questions in English. The same couldn't be said for the boys, however, one of whom (who looks like a little pig and needs an ear boxing) relentlessly tried to tug my goatee. An uneventful afternoon and early evening, until my fiance arrived unexpectedly, and, before she left, asked me to swear on my Tango and Cash vhs (a bible wasn't to hand) that I wouldn't ever cheat on her. Of course, I swore. To return the favour, she swore the same oath on my bowling ball. And now I am faced with a tough decision... One Million Years BC or Black Rain?


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