Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another Good Bowling Session

I headed to Top Lane this morning, half expecting it to be full of boiler suited fools on a works do, but luckily it was almost empty. Trying hard to remember what I had done on Thursday night, and more importantly how, I began my ten games. Poorish start - 138, good recovering game - 181, and satisfactory for the next 3 - 156, 161 and 174. A bit ropey on the next one - 143, but then a 201 (though it should have been in the 220s after a glorious start). Really poor follow up - 124, but then a PB - 223! And finally rounding things off with a 178.

Overall, encouraging. Some good strikes, good spares, though not as consistent as Thursday night, and I needed the two big scores to keep the average above 165. I think that now I am beginning to realise what I have to do to get big scores: keep my wrist very still, don't put my fingers too far into the ball, keep my thumb almost out, and give it a nice easy swing in a straight line down the right hand side of the lane. The next test will be to try it out in a training session with sausage fingers, as my scores tend to be 10 or so pins higher when I play with him.


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