Monday, December 05, 2005

Why is it...

Why is it that no matter where you work, there is always someone who really gets on your wick, and tends to be someone you have to be in contact with on a daily basis?

I spent months sat in an electronics factory with a deeply uncool person who had no grasp of poetry or imagination, and saw things only literally (memorable moments - when he was caught in the very creepy act of writing down everything everybody said to him everyday - like a movie script - having told everyone that he was studying for a diploma part time, and when he was caught staring at a new female employee and licking his lips).

I spent a couple of months working with a miserable bastard in the offices of a grain mill, who rubbed everyone up the wrong way and seemed intent on spoiling everyones day (memorable moment - on my last day, i made a mistake and trucks were gridlocked outside, and he abandoned me and went home, so I let all the work pile up, which gave him a 4 day workload the next day).

And now I find myself working with a brash, obnoxious teacher that loves the sound of his own voice and thinks the world revolves around him. The days when he isn't in the office are wonderful (memorable moments so far - when he sulked all day because there was a problem with the cord on his telephone, and when he came into work after a department party and less than 2 hours sleep and had to cover an extra couple of classes, as well as a mountain of paperwork).

At least the presence of these people makes us value the people who are nice...


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