Friday, January 13, 2006

The Buddhist Way of Japanese Hell

With a fairly empty Friday afternoon to spend, I stumbled upon some internet info about Japanese Buddhism, which included info about the ojoyoshu, which is basically a story of a guy that passes from this world to the next and describes the various stages of hell according to Buddhism.

In this day and age of depravity and mass media, the details are not as shocking as they would have been in the past, but there's still enough of a bite to make even the most resolute anus twitch. Unfortunately there was something of a network failure earlier and the following is all I could salvage, a bit of info about the first of eight hells:

Hell 1 - The Hell of Retributive Justice

Where: 8000 km below our world.
How long for: 12 and a half million years.
For who: anyone that has ever destroyed a life form or eaten meat.
What happens: sinners must scratch eachother with metal claws until they are nothing but bones and bits. Or they are beaten with iron bars until they are pulverised. Or they are coated in mud and turd and stung by a number of insects and made to drink piping hot liquid excrement.

If that's an indication of what is to come (not to mention the fact that it probably gets worse the further down you go) perhaps it's just as well the computer broke...


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