Thursday, January 19, 2006

One of the classes I will miss teaching...

Despite being rather pleased at the thought of my upcoming departure from teaching at my high school, there are a few things that I am going to miss. For example, the nice coffee that my colleague brews, the frequent breaks in the schedule and the occasional chats on comfy chairs with interested and curious students. Another thing I will really miss is teaching the above class, 3S1, who were often a beam of light in otherwise torrid times. I taught them at 11am every Thursday, which is my best day by far, mainly due to the genkiness and good behavious of the kids above.

Teaching the S classes was a struggle (I taught S1 as well as S2, S3, S4 and S5). Some were OK but lazy (S3, S4), one was good but sleepy (S2) and one was awful beyond words (S5). 3S1 occasionally pushed the envelope a little far and the very things that made the students great sometimes made them horrid (the most confident and interested student half dangled out of the window for a laugh, a similarly engaged girl shouted "turn me on!" at me whenever she saw me, and the class would innocently shout things like "SHIT!" and "FUCK YOU", not knowing what they were doing). Still, all in all 3S1 made my week, and unlike their fellow classes actually listened to me and asked me questions.

From baseball captain Youhei, to volleyball setter Kouta, to aloof and very sultry Sakura, to snow-white-skin and an utter minx Miho to the class motivators Shinji ("look! I lean out of window!") and "turn me on!" Tomomi, they made my often painfully dire job bearable.

Thanks guys, I really mean that.


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