Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The subject of Maria Sharapova came up in one of my classes yesterday. Having asked the students to think about their ideal romantic partner, I was told by one boy that he would like someone who looks just like the Russian tennis player. Other preferences were more interesting (such as the pint-sized joker who requires "a big face, very tall, a fatty, dangerous, angry, a glutton") but the first got me thinking.

At the risk of incurring the wrath of guys everywhere, what's the big deal about Sharapova? She really isn't that attractive, facially at least, and although she has a good figure she's really pretty average. In a certain light she has a minute resemblance to Holly Valance, but in all honesty the strapping Russian can only dream that she'll ever be as fine as the ex-Neighbours girl...


Anonymous Hanks said...

Have to disagree buddy, sharapova is fine, even if there is potential for getting arrested for saying that. Valance is a top ten entry for sure but she's overly made up to the nines. To look that sexy after a gruelling round of tennis deserves ultimate respect the enduring beauty of Sharapova whatever the weather.

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