Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bad hair at Daiso

With my parents, brother and his girlfriend in town, we've paid a lot of visits to the various 100 yen stores in Kurume. One of the true joys of this is the occasional witnessing of truly terrible hair. This is exactly what happened last night. Below are the two suspects.

Not the best photo I'm afraid, but you can just about see that his hair is a ghastly rug, perched on his head like a drowning spider. As for the second guy...

Well... after a number of abortive attempts to capture the true horror of this syrup, I decided to enlist the help of my mum, who stood next to the guy to make it look like I was taking a photo of her. Just look at the awfulness! That wouldn't fool anyone... you may as well wear a sandwich board reading "LOOK AT MY WIG"...


Anonymous Pete said...

Hey Luke, I was looking up coco ichiban of all things and came across your page. Enjoyed looking at your photos, it was great to see photos of all those people that i worked with or knew in Japan, and what's this you got hitched along the way?? Congratulations my good man!!! I'm sure you've progressed a long way from that basic japanese texting tutorial i gave you back in good ol' Omuta, yeah I'm still drinking beer but not every day...... but still for fun!! If you wanna drop me a line it's still even though i'm not anymore but i could be again- anythings poossible!! Pete

12:52 pm


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