Thursday, February 09, 2006

A day of bureaucracy

Things in the high school are bureaucratic at the best of times, but today has been exceptional. First of all we all assembled for the morning meeting, only to stand up, bow, sit down and open our diaries to be told that there was no news today and no announcements so consequently no meeting. If this was the case why the hell didn't they pass a message this morning?

Then, something that was even worse. After the Junior High School interview, we were all sat in the conference room and the other teachers started discussing next year's schedule. I patiently sat there and waited, and was understandably ignored, which is fair enough seeing as I won't be there next year. On and on it dragged, until it was almost the end of lunch time and we could finally leave. Heading back to my desk, I found two notes - one from a third grade international student that has a make or break University interview in Tokyo soon and needs emergency English help, and another from a third grade advanced course student that has three make or break entrance interviews in the next two weeks and wanted me to check her writing and do some listening with her.

Two students in need, and there was me sat having to listen to bullshit that doesn't concern me. Apparently the students asked another teacher if they could see me but they said that I was in an important meeting. Important my arse.


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