Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In the year 1995...

Here are the friends that shared my halcyon highschool days, from 1991 to 1996... from left to right back row first, we have James Diamond, my closest friend and a literary genius, able to conjure stories and images as a young teen that shook students and teachers alike. Next we have James Young, a musical genius who taught himself to play guitar in a few months, and went on to write scores of wonderful, resonant songs before his 17th birthday. Next we have Luke Andrews, a Scientific genius, who knew and still knows pretty much all there is to know about Science and famously used to score 130% on tests and quizzes by correcting the teachers. Front row next, and we have Ian Drakard, an electronics genius, who was a literal wizard with a soldering iron and a circuit board, and famously built an enormous stack bass amplifier called Dweezil back in 1997. And finally we have me, complete with ridiculous glasses, and sadly none of the genius with which I was surrounded at highschool.

In March, for the first time in nigh on ten years we were reunited at an Indian restaurant in Norwich, and it was as if we were back in 1995, thinking 1995 thoughts, doing 1995 things... highschool may have long since gone, but really it's still there, everyday, in every way.


Blogger Sharnee said...

Hi Luke.... cute photo! I found yr blog via chand's blog... I dont know if you remember me but do you work in Omuta? The photo kinda looked like it... I have no idea! Anyway, take care!

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