Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bad day at the office...

Grrr... one of those days... why does it always rain on me, born under a bad sign, etc... what happened? here's the low down...

- woke up late, had to get up without the usual coffee and contemplation infront of the internet time.

- found that my handlebars are almost falling off, due to a loose bolt.. also tyres very soft.

- train to work was cancelled.. and the next one was 20 minutes late, so i had to miss one lesson and thus one lesson's worth of money.

- taught a boy who doesn't speak. 40 minutes of me asking him closed questions.

- needed some time for office admin, but things kept cropping up. called boss for a quick question, ended up speaking for whole lunchbreak.

- almost had an open lesson at end in which to do much needed paperwork, but a student turned up with 20 minutes to go.

- contact lens almost fell out on walk to train station.

- no coffee in house.

True, there have been worse days... and I quite enjoy being able to complain...


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