Monday, May 14, 2007

Laughing fit!

It hadn't happened to me for a long time... the last time I had a really good laugh was whilst watching an episode of the Japanese show "Silent Library", but that wasn't a bona fide laughing fit, more of a suppressed giggle with a watery eye..

The last proper laughing fit was probably when I was at Sixth Form and me, Ian Drakard and a few others were in a music assembly. The time before that was at primary school, when Liam Price gave an assembly about Bonny Prince Charlie, causing Richard Godfrey and myself to nearly die of hysterics...

Well, it finally happened again, this time at 1.19pm on a Monday afternoon in Omuta... a combination of thinking about some of the more humorous students we were going to teach and some of the witty adlibs in the teachers room sent me tittering over the edge. It was quite a sight.. I was bent over at the waist, eyes streaming and trying not to die, the bell frantically ringing... walking into the first class, the deadpan look on the face of my highschool student had the same effect, and with a muffled apology I put my head on the desk and wetted it with my shoulder-heaving giggle tears.

I somehow made it through the day, and later learned that another teacher, Jenny, had a similar experience a few lessons after, laughing so much that her chest hurt. It was a day of one-liners and belly laughs, doubling over and booming with laughter until the tears wouldn't come any more. And it was WONDERFUL!


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