Thursday, June 21, 2007

An idea for Japanese cell phones...

Technology is big here in Japan, and cell phones are no exception... some of you may be surprised to know that a great many phones in Japan have a "flower mode". This has something to do with the lens of the camera, and makes for clearer, brighter photos when taking photos of roses, etc.

Well, useful as that is for millions of females in Japan, what about some other options for other demographics? For purely selfish reasons, I would like the following:

- awful wig mode... that is, with the flick of a switch, my phone would be able to clearly depict the many barnet disgraces I see during my travels around Kyushu.

With this, I would have been able to better capture the brass-necked chap in the photo below, whose wig, in the words of Travis Waugh, was "quite the example of what not to do".


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