Monday, June 18, 2007

More entertaining TV!

Well, well... what a treat this was! Put pretty but essentially stupid girls in bikinis, put them on slippery slides above a vat of flour and then ask them basic general knowledge questions, increasing the steepness of the slide when they answer incorrectly, until all three eventually slide screaming to a powdery demise! Superb!

Stupid they were, but very plucky and happy-go-lucky... some of the questions they got wrong... "name 3 Japanese pro baseball teams", "what's the name of the Prime Minister"... and one of the few they got right.. "what is this a picture of?" (it was Tokyo dome)...

So who won? Well, after a dismal start, it seemed a shoe-in that the girl in the blue helmet would be first down the chute, as she was already having to (ahem) spread her legs to grip the sides...

but it turned out to be the yellow helmeted idol that prevailed, with the girl in red snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, shooting down at quite a click to end up with a face full of pre-cake...

But the final word should go to the girl in the blue, who was by far the dimmest of the three, and the program ended with her grinning into the camera and saying that the flour was "sweet!!"


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