Friday, June 29, 2007

Omuta Bowling Night

It had long been on the cards - a staff and instructors bowling night in Omuta. The last one I went to was back in the autumn of 2004, where the main protagonists were Pete, Linda, James, Christine, Mayumi, Mariko, Maki and me... this time, only me and Maki were survivors from that first time, and we were joined by Nicole, Stephen, Tarah, Travis, Dorry, Rie, Chie and Mikiko.

It was a good night... we split into two lanes, and had two games... on one side, Nicole, Stephen, Tarah, Rie and Chie. On the other, Travis, Dorry, me, Maki and Mikiko. Things got off to a bright start, and over on our side, everybody managed to break 100.

One of the best things about bowling is that you can compare styles... Travis has a very elegant reverse roll, whereas his beau, Dorry, sends her ball thundering down the lane from a standing start like a wrecking ball. Stephen gets down low and sends it hard and straight, like the Kentucky Bourbon he was drinking on the night, whereas his beau, Tarah, gives a slow roll with plenty of flip at the back end.

As to be expected, a fair proportion of the evening was spent by the girls discussing which student they thought was the best looking (incidentally this is exactly what happened last time, and it was the same student too!)

The night wouldn't have been the same without a bit of "Ahh, Japan"-eseness though.. when we went to get our shoes, we found that from 27.5cm and up, there was only one pair available... by some strange coincidence, Travis, Stephen and myself have shoe sizes 0.5 of a cm apart... but going for a night out with a gaggle of foreigners could have proved problematic...


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