Friday, June 29, 2007

A very pleasant day...

With both my wife and I having a day off, we decided to go out in the car for a bit of lunch, and perhaps some cake..

First port of call was a great little Italian restaurant near JR Kurume called タベルナ石 (taberu na ishi), and a very reasonable lunchtime set for 1000yen.

Next we decided to revisit the shrine at which we got married, 篠山神社 (sasayama jinja)..

After that, we drove all around the back streets of 小郡 (Ogoori) to get to a very famous cake shop, Nico. My wife has been there countless times, and one of her best friends lives a stones throw away.. I am a rather old fashioned chap, and on the whole I am traditionally English in that I consider food something to be eaten, and don't really care much for fancy stuff. Given the choice between expensive delicacies and all-you-can-eat, I'll mostly go for the latter. However, the following cakes...

were ABSOLUTELY incredible, and well worth the 300 plus yen they each cost.

With the eating over, we headed back to Kurume, and passing alongside the nishitetsu train line, I spotted one of my favourite sights of the city...

Yes, a little old metal bridge, now rendered useless due to a wall... rather quaint and sad... I often like to spend a moment or two there whenever I pass by..


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