Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crazy Japanese Eating Contest on TV..

Comedians in Japan do a lot of crazy things... it must be a hard life for them, always appearing on TV shows, commercials and posters. Living in Tokyo, dressing in ridiculous clothes, acting like wankers in public... and now eating until you almost die.

Yes, the other night saw yet another tart slice of Japanese TV, during which 4 comedians had to eat a succession of different plates of food within a set time limit (the time it takes for a plate to make a circuit of a kaiten zushi belt), with the last comedian eating being able to take home 8万円 (80,000 yen).

My money was on large lad "Banana Man", but as shown below he was done by the 15th plate...

The remaining 3 contestants were still in it by the coming of the 25th plate, and it was a picture to see their faces as the largest dumplings in the world waddled towards them!

It was all too much for the effeminate chap dressed as a drummer boy... once they were all back in the studio, the women inset in the top right hand corner of the screen chastised him for not eating the dumpling, giving him a hefty smack around the ear...
I was quite intrigued to see who would eventually win, but something came up and I couldn't watch the end. Whoever it was, all I can say is that anytime these sissy berks in their pastel shirts want to have a real contest they can come down to kyushu and take on me, Gerard, Dunstan and Jon's Rie ANYTIME...


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