Friday, July 06, 2007

New Plaza Beer Hall

With a free evening all round, we headed to the beer hall of the New Plaza Hotel in Kurume for 飲み放題(nomihoudai) and 食べ放題(tabehoudai), "all-you-can-drink" and "all-you-can-eat". In attendance were Yoko's two schoolfriends, Hitomi and Ako, as well as Hitomi's boyfriend Hiroaki, and of course Yoko and myself. All in all it was good, though the atmosphere of the hall was more "wedding reception in a working man's club" than "stylish hotel in Kurume". The beer was fair, the food was too, and at only 2500yen a head it wasn't to be sniffed at.

Hiroaki started off at a blistering pace with his beer, then changed to shochu and slipped down a couple of gears...

Ako laughing at one of my wife's witticisms...

Yoko enjoying the cheese filled spring rolls...

A classic moment... a drunken businessman attempts to fill two pitchers with beer from the tap, and succeeds in getting two pitchers of head... but just when I thought there was no hope for the beer-pullers of Japan:

... Hitomi shows how it should be done with a perfect pint.


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