Friday, July 13, 2007

A very pleasant weekend...

My wife and I rarely have two days off together in a row, so this weekend was rather special. We had some great food, great conversation, and -shock! horror! - went bowling twice!

Those of you reading this that know me know that I love bowling... and some of you know that my wife doesn't. Well, my wife didn't. She agreed to come to Sports Garden on a whim, and lo and behold she seems to have caught the bowling bug.
The highlight of the sessions was me making a 200 on the nose, shown in the below video... 3 strikes in the tenth, pressure from a camera... somehow I was Ben Gammon and not Ben Gammon's fool.

I only wish that Linh Dang was still in Kurume, so that I could wave the score sheet under her nose and generally pose in her direction...

So will Yoko keep bowling? I hope so.. she had a lot of fun, made some good shots and had her competitive streak tickled throughout...


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