Sunday, November 18, 2007

August Update

August began with two middle aged men on TV building a train set...

Apparently the show was well over an hour long... much of the ten or so minutes I watched were of the guy above growling at his train to go faster..

A few days later I found myself working at Kurume Youme Town, and with Kaori suffering from a touch of the hiccups.. a folktale from my childhood reared it's head, and before she could say "yatta!" I had slipped a cold key down between her shoulder blades and cured her. Here she is with the said key.
(note - putting my hand down a pretty girl's blouse was purely in the interests of Science)..

A few days later, and to local haunt Zawatami, for a few beers with Dunstan, Gerard, Roald and Ewan. We all worked together at Kurume Ekimae back in 2004 so it was something of a reunion for us, and it was a damn good night, despite the lack of pouring prowess of the waitress..

Another amusing TV show. By the way, if any young girls are reading this and thinking about going into the TV presenting game, be aware that you will most likely be surrounded by lots of men, probably men dressed as condoms, and they will take great delight in slapping you or tying you up or pushing you into pits of coloured water... still, this show was really memorable for one guest:


Later in the week, and to Yanagawa, where the lovely Hirono was enjoying her last day at Nova. Great English, a sharp dresser and wonderful to work with (as is Saki, wearing her trademark red "furip-u furop-usu")..

I watched quite a lot of TV in August... this was a great game, like Mario Party... contestants had to jump around the markers of a giant clock, trying not to get twatted by the vast hands..

Whilst at my inlaws' family graveyard, I happened upon a cicada shedding it's skin... kind of creepy..

Another party, this time it was Eloise's farewell to Nova thing... pictured are the little fingers of Brian Wilson. Believe it or not, his fingers are unbent... the ends of the little fingers jut out at angles, due to a rare Scandinavian genetic condition, apparently..

And finally.. a leading historian once said that our most poignant question was "what ever happened to Catholic England?"

Surely that is nothing next to "What ever happened to Jo-Ann's students?"


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