Sunday, November 18, 2007

September Update

September began like most months for me - with a bloody funny TV show. This time it was one in which various women from various backgrounds tackled an obstacle course, with mixed results. Naturally, there were professional sportswomen and veterans who do this sort of thing for fun, but their runs were pretty run of the mill. The real fun was in the amateurs, and especially the amateurs who were SHIT. Such as the large lady below.

You're probably thinking the same thing I did.. "not a fucking chance, love!"

And you'd be right... woeful jump, even for a big lass..

Ahh, now I like this photo.. somehow I managed to capture the precise moment when the girl's face met the cold hard wood of the log. With a better camera I'd be tempted to enter it in a competition..

You can probably guess which one I chose..

A bit of a house party at Ewan's, one of the highlights being Roald's boardgame forfeit - eating a natto roll..

A snap of my dad's favourite shop in Kurume, taken from my wife's car..

The lovely Miwae returned to her old workplace to show off her little baby to us.. I could almost pick him up with one hand..

I went to a great bar called Cottonfields in Fukuoka with a chap called Peter. Our wives met eachother on the Japanese site Mixi, and we were soon out on the jag..

Fantastic bar, Cottonfields.. over 600 bottled beers from around the world, including, shock horror!, my favourite beer in the world, Theakston's Old Peculier!

For her health, my wife ate some pickled onions with her curry, and this was her reaction...

Tasted better than the name...


Blogger sharnee said...

Good to see you back here Luke!
I'm so impressed with your TV photography skills! Do you take those pics from rewound videos or live on air? Regardless... still impressive!

11:56 pm

Blogger Kenyon said...

live on air, baby... the danger of it! ohh!

6:23 pm


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